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Serious Cat

Tiny Lion

For CATS! ... and small dogs


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Cat Grooming

Basic Grooms:
(no haircutting)

Bath, Blowdry, Deshed, Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning.


Bath, Blowdry, Deshed, Nail Trim, Ear

Cleaning, Trimmed paws optional.                   

Haircut Grooms:

Shave/Standard Lion Cut-

Bath, Blowdry, Nail trim, Ear Cleaning, Paw Pad Shave and Full Body Shave. This is the SHORTEST length haircut available and will last the longest.  Head is either rounded or left with a mane around the neck. Arms and Feet are left natural. Tail is typically shaved into a lion tail but can be left natural if requested.
.*Not Recommended for Super Seniors, Kittens under 6 months, or Cats with certain health conditons.
*A Full Body Mohawk can be added to this groom for $20 more.


Combcut/TeddyBear Cut-

Bath, Blowdry, Deshedding, Nail Trim, Paw Pad Shave, Ear Cleaning, Mini Sanitation Shave, and a one length all over Plush Haircut with a rounded Teddy Bear Head. The length options for this haircut vary from "very short but NOT shaved" to as long as 1 inch left all over. Tail is left natural unless a trim or Lion Tail style is requested. Leaving the mane natural or creating a lion mane can be added on for no additional cost.

Dinosaur Cut-

Bath, Blowdry, Nail trim, Ear Cleaning, Paw Pad Shave and body like a Stegosaurus; starting at the back of the neck to the tip of the tail.
*Avaliable to kitties with long
or short hair that are already familiar and comfortable with the grooming process.


Belly shave:
mpits to inner thighs)

Large Sanitary Shave:

(inner thighs to underneath tail)

Mini Sanitary shave:

(only around potty area)

Bloomer Trim:
(trimming down the b
ack legs/pants)

Mane Trim:

Teeth brushing:

(cat safe toothpaste & mouthwash)

Medicated Bath:


Swirl/Dino Tail:
(compliant cats only)


Colored Tail:
perm cat safe dye)
(compliant cats only)

$15-$30 *must have white in tail

Nail cap application:
(includes nail trim,  previous softpaw removal, and color of your choice)
+$25  *front paws only


Dematting: +$5 and up

Excessive Deshedding: +$5 and up

Pelt Removal: +$10 and up

Special Handling: +$10 and up

XL Kitties: (18lbs+) +$5 and up

Nail Trim Only:  $10
ment required)



Dog Grooming

*Small to Medium sized pups only: *45lb max

Basic Groom:

(no hairc

Bath, Blueberry Facial, Blowdry, Deshed, Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning.                                                                $35-$65
Bath, Blueberry Facial, Blowdry, Deshed, Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning, Sanitation shave, Paw Pad Shave, Light Tidy of the Face, Feet and Back Legs.
                                  $50- $95

Full Body Haircut: +$25
Teeth Brushing: +$5

Painted Nails: +$10
Color Chalk: +$5 and up
Medicated Bath: +$10
ty Hairdos: +$5 and up

Dematting: +$5 and up
Excessive Deshedding: +$5 and up
Pelt Removal: +$10 and up

Special Handling: +$10 and up
Nail Trim Only:  $15-$25
(cut & file -appointment required)


*Tiny Lion Grooming is a Flea Free zone!

All pets must be free of live fleas prior to appointment. If active fleas are present, please apply vet approved flea medication 3-5 days prior to appointment or give Capstar the day before. Flea treatments and dips are not offered services. Additional fees will be applied if live fleas are found for removal and treating the environment.

*Senior pets must be up to date on their annual vet visit to keep track of changing health conditions so their grooming needs can be met properly. All indoor/outdoor pets must also be up to date on their Rabies Vaccine.

*If your pet is having problems with their glands, please consult your vet. Anal gland expression is not provided with grooming services.

*Cats must be dropped off in a carrier. Plastic carriers are highly recommended so long nails will not get caught in fabric.

**All Basic and Haircut Cat Grooms require a bath, blowdry and nail trim in order to be serviced at Tiny Lion Grooming. We do NOT offer just brushing,  just a haircut, just shaving out mats or groom cats with long nails intact. Nail Trims and Softpaws are the ONLY services offered a la carte.

*Appointment times are allowed a 15 minute grace period. Anything past that will have added late fees and may be required to reschedule. 


*If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please contact us 24 hours prior to appointment to avoid an additonal fee of $40 that would be added to your next visit.


Hi, I’m Ashley!

I have been a certified pet groomer for dogs and cats in San Diego since 2015. Making our pets look and feel good is what I live for, I love my job! In 2018, I furthered my education to the highest extent by joining the National Cat Groomers Institute. Learning proper cat handling skills, understanding temperament, and confidently knowing the right products to use for each cats needs has become a way of life. My two Persian cats have never looked better and they are so much happier! I have earned the title of Feline Master Groomer and I am so excited to share my care and skill with your furbabies!




Opening Hours


Monday: 9am-4pm

 Closed Tuesday & Wednesday

Friday-Sunday: 9am-6pm

Book An Appointment

To book an appointment, please leave your name, email, phone number, type of pet, service of interest, and if you would prefer an email or text message. From there, you will receive a short questionnaire so I can get to know your pet a little better as well as availability, full address, and answer any other questions! 


Text: (619) 995-4161

Tiny Lion Grooming is a home-based professional grooming salon located in Oak Park, San Diego, 92105


**Appointments available for new clients starting AUGUST 2024 **

Thanks for submitting!

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